Storage Tips


Choosing the right packing material is key. Plastic bins vs boxes? Boxes are less expensive and suitable for most items. When packing a box try to pack the same amount in each box – don’t overfill or underfill a box to avoid boxes bulging or collapsing. For heavier items such as tools or books, pack them in smaller boxes for easier handling. Labeling boxes so you are aware of what’s inside will save you time later. Also this allows you to place items you’ll need to access frequently up front. Check with our Manager about the best box sizes and a complete list of moving supplies.


It is a good idea to plan to break down your furniture by removing legs and tabletops and placing them along the sides of your storage unit. We sell protective covers for most furniture . Keeping your storage items off the floor and away from the walls helps prevent moisture absorption and allows air circulation.

Photographs and Documents

A suggestion for storing photographs and documents that you want to preserve is to store them in a temperature-controlled storage unit. We sell special boxes for larger framed pictures, it is also a good idea to lay photos flat with carboard in between to preserve them and avoid bending. Documents should be kept in a document box or bin for added protection.

Appliances, office or lawn equipment

Before storing appliances such as lawnmowers, refrigerators, or freezers, it is essential to clean them out. For lawnmowers and other motor equipment, drain any oil and gas. Appliance should be kept clean and dry to help prevent damage caused by water or rust. We rent appliance dollies and furniture pads to help when moving appliances. And, when storing appliances, ensure they are wedged open to allow air circulation.

Metal and Glassware

We sell special boxes with inserts for storing glassware items such as dishes, use lots of packing paper and bubble wrap to avoid any damage. When packing dishware it is best to individually wrap dishes with packing paper and bubble wrap, adding extra padding of paper or bubble wrap at the top and bottom of the box. You can purchase all of these moving supplies in our lobby. Avoid stacking on top of boxes with glass and fragile items. When storing metal wipe down surfaces with machine oil to prevent rust.
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